Poco Phone F1 Unboxing And Setup

Pocophone F1 Unboxing

Pocophone f1 I’ve been wanting to check this out for quite some time bang good was nice enough to send this along and I’ll link it in the description below.

So, you could check it out. If you’d like to and. If I have a discount code it’ll be down there as well. So, this is a flagship phone at a budget price around three hundred dollars and you get a lot with it. So, let’s take a closer look and see.

If it’s actually the phone of the year as some other people are saying now I’ve taken the wrapper off and unfortunately my microphone wasn’t recording before. So, I kind of repackage this just to show you how it comes now on the back of the box you’ll see it has a snapdragon 845 with artificial intelligence built in it’s got liquid cooling dual ai cameras and a four thousand milliamp hour battery.

Gigabytes of RAM (Poco Phone F1)

This is also the six gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte model in steel-blue. let’s go ahead and open this up and inside looks like we’ve got a case and some documentation. So, documentation about thank you for choosing polka phone and then here is a clear TPU case. So, they give you that for free now you can see here I’ve taken this off before but I just want to show you again how it comes in the box and here what we have is a plug now.

If you’re in the United States or a different country that does not use this plug you’ll need to make sure you just have a USB adapter and then we’ve got USB C 2 USB a as you can see there so let’s set this aside and take a closer look at the phone and this display is probably the most disappointing thing about it but for me it’s not a disappointment because it’s LCD 6.1 8 inches and it’s 1080 by 2246 so pretty nice as far as that goes it’s 403 pixels per inch. So, basically the same pixels per inch as an iPhone 8 plus now for me LCD displays don’t flicker.

Dual Cameras with AI (Poco Phone F1)

So, they don’t bother my eyes all LEDs do and they usually strain my eyes more. So, this is good news for anyone that has those issues with PWM now on the back it’s steel blue and then you’ve got your fingerprint sensor you’ve got dual cameras with AI and then you’ve got your Flash on the side you’ve got power sleep/wake button volume up and down and then on the bottom dual speakers USBC then you’ve got your SIM card slot and let’s take a look at that.

Sim Card And SD Card

We’ll pull this out of here and it looks like we’ve got sim card slot and room for an SD card as well. You could expand the storage. So, let’s put this back in and let’s boot it up now in the hand this feels pretty good it’s got a front facing camera like you’d expect an earphone here I don’t know that it’s a dual speaker though it’s got mui 9 we’ll go ahead and set it up and I can see some light bleed down at the bottom already I don’t know. If you can notice that or you notice that see.

If we go down here the United States Terms & Conditions it’s checking for a SIM card can’t turn the brightness down just yet you can see the UI looks a little bit different the corners are not exactly symmetrical with or line up perfectly with the corners of the phone (Poco Phone F1).

Screen Lock or Fingerprint

That bugs me a little bit I’ll just go past that I may take a moment or two them to check for updates we’ll set up as new I’ll just skip all of this for now. We can get into the interface and then it’s got an only screen lock or fingerprint setup will do a pin then it wants me to set up the fingerprint okay and then you get to choose a theme.

There’s poco default and limitless we’ll just choose the default one for now and setup is complete now in settingthis up you get a little bit of haptic feedback it’s nothing like the pixel 3xl as far as the haptic feedback is concerned. So, it’s okay it’s typical but it’s not this new feeling that the pixel 3xl has will hit allow and here’s the launcher now this is not the Google stock launcher it’s me you I see what we’ve got here.


So, you could skin this of course but overall it looks pretty good scrolling is smooth you can see some of that light bleed down here at the bottom I don’t know. If you can see that let me turn the screen down a little bit and there’s some light bleed from the bottom of the display but other than that the display looks really good see what we’ve got as far as settings go here and it looks good it’s actually pretty fast as far as the scrolling is concerned Xiaomi has been doing a lot of interesting things lately now they’re designed somewhat copy other manufacturers but their phones are solidly built at least in my experience I love the feel of their phones and the price of them can’t be beat for what you’re getting.

So, the one to the camera here ai camera I’ll just put the pixel in the background and we’ll take a look and for some reason it’s watermarking the photos so I’ll have to turn that off but overall it looks pretty good details pretty decent.


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