OnePlus 7 Pro Review For Making Clearance

OnePlus 7 Pro

One plus 7 Pro I’ve been using it for about a week and a half. So, I’ve had my SIM card in it for quite a bit of that and this is one of my favorite Android phones or favorite phones I’ve ever used quite honestly there’s. So, much good about it but I’m going to cover the good and the bad now let’s start off with the good the first thing is its design it feels really nice in the hand it’s very futuristic feeling very similar to a galaxy phone this curved edge here leading to a very thin side edge makes it just feel really great in the hand now of course it’s very slippery because of this finish back.

More Futuristic: OnePlus 7 Pro

If you use the included case that definitely helps or you could buy a different one as well I just like to use it without the case because it just feels like I’m holding a phone that’s more futuristic of course because it has no bezels hardly it has no forward facing camera or not hunched in here.

So, it just really looks great and I like the design a lot of course we have this switch on the side which also adds to it and I don’t know why more Android manufacturers don’t do this but to silence the phone or let it ring or vibrate that is by far one of the best features of this phone and I don’t know why they don’t add that to every Android phone now the next thing of course is this display it’s the best display easily on any phone as far as the way it looks it’s got great viewing angles and just of course it filling out this whole front of the phone makes it look thatmuch better and the display is 31 20 by 1440 with 516 pixels per inch and it’s 6.67 inches this is a big phone and to give you.

Pixel Perfect: OnePlus 7 Pro

A comparison here is a pixel three XL and that gives you an idea of its size. So, it’s a pretty big phone and a little bit taller than an s10 plus or a pixel three XL and it’s about the same width but it’s it’s definitely a little taller and it’s very heavy I don’t know. Wel, If that has to do with all the components inside for the forward-facing camera we’ll talk more about that in a moment but the main thing with this display is its ninety Hertz refresh rate it’s super smooth all the time now you can turn that down to 60 frames per second but you can see the difference know.

8 Gigabytes of RAM

You can see it on this video the videos at 60 60 or 60 frames per second but it’s definitely noticeable in purpose and person and anyone I’ve shown it to has been very impressed and I’ve yet to see it slowed down and that leads to the next point of speed the Snapdragon 855 couple with well at least this version has 8 gigabytes of RAM you can bump that to 12 gigabytes or get one with 6 gigabytes but this has a it’s in the middle and it’s plenty fast and fluid with 8 gigabytes of RAM but the RAM management is good I don’t find myself seeing apps reload regularly or anything like that it’s just a very nice phone to use and eight gigabytes is probably the sweet spot.

High Speedy: OnePlus 7 Pro

If you want to spend a little bit more you can do that and get the twelve gigabytes but it starts at 669 this is the $6.99 version and then you can go a little bit more expensive but I think. If you’re going to go with one and you just want to save a little bit of money you can do that then it has 256 gigabytes of internal storage that’s now upgradable and this is actually the t-mobile version which isn’t as good and I’ll talk about that in a moment but let’s move on to the next good thing other than speed since it doesn’t really ever slow down.


In fact I’ve not had it slowed down once the next thing is the camera the camera is super fast has a lot of different options of course we’ve got video now the video options are quite nice this will capture 4k 60. So, you’ll see there’s an ultra wide lens there’s manual HDR control we also can share data and those sorts of things turn on a 3×3 or golden ratio grid whatever you’d like it’s in here it’s very customizable and nice and you’ll see I have the flashlight on. If you want to light your subject you can do that while you’re taking a video of course you got photo in portrait modes and then of course we’ve got that wide-angle lens like I mention before.

You got a normal lens telephoto and wide-angle and let’s take a look at some of those photos from this now of course we have that forward-facing lens and when we hit the button here it spins around and pops up the camera and this works really well it’s pretty flawless and no issues there whatsoever I really think it’s a great way to do that as long as this is durable and oneplus 7 pro keeps releasing videos showing how durable this front-facing camera is. I think it’s gonna be fine for most people and it does have portrait mode and all of those things.

Great Camera

In general it’s a great camera it is not as good as what at photos as a pixel 3xl video is pretty good as well take a look at some of the video from it here you’ll see the video is pretty good I’m not going to say it’s as good as an iPhone as far as the video is concerned but for the most part the camera is going to be great for most people the night scape in my experience is not as good as say pixels version but for most people this is going to be fine and is not a huge compromise unless you’re really into photography you’ll notice it or you’ll just use something like a mirrorless or a DSLR or something like that a mirrorless camera.

Many people think it’s more than sufficient and in just as good as most other cameras now the next positive thing is the speakers it has a speaker at the very top here and then one at the bottom and it is in stereo it’s very similar to how an iPhone sounds because it’s shooting sound out the bottom and towards you with this one.

Sound good

But, you can’t really hear it in a video like this but when you’re playing video and things they’re nice and loud no issues with them they sound good they do get a little tinny at high volumes and I wouldn’t say they’re phenomenal but they’re pretty good for the most part I don’t think most people would be upset with the quality of them and.

If you really want higher quality you’re going to use headphones or something else now the final good thing is the fingerprint reader. So, If we turn the display on it’s super fast it’s incredibly fast for a fingerprint reader now it may not be as secure is say a samsung galaxy S10 plus because of that using sonic or ultrasonic but this is actually using a camera under the display. If we turn it on we can just do it like this it’s fast every time switch fingers.

Fingerprint Reader

I do have this one programmed sometimes there’s a little bit of lag but for the most part it’s as fast as any fingerprint reader I’ve used. So, it seems pretty good as far as that goes now the next thing is a mid category of good and bad and that’s leading to the battery now the battery is a four thousand milliamp hour battery and for the most part it’s pretty good it should get you through most of the day but it is not phenomenal and I don’t know.

So, not going to show that but I’m getting about five hours of screen on time with normal use and that’s from the start of the day to the end. I gotten better on other phones I find that it’s okay it’s acceptable and what really helps is the fast charger this Warp charger really does work well. If you’re low on battery plug it in for 15 minutes and you’re good to go for another half a day or.

Wireless Charging

So, so really. If you don’t think too much about it it’s not that big of a deal as long as you can plug in for 15 or 20 minutes you’ll be fine otherwise it’s going to be a pain for you now that leads to the next category which is the bad things about the oneplus 7 Pro and the first thing is no wireless charging now this may not be bad for some people I find it to be very convenient without it of course you have that warped charger I just mentioned but I really appreciate when we have wireless charging.

Headphone Jack

I wish they could have done that but they didn’t it’s not the end of the world but where this phone lacks that’s one of the areas the next thing is there’s no headphone jack and again this isn’t going to be a huge deal for many people today but no headphone jack when oneplus 7 pro is all about not compromising the experience kind of is is a little frustrating to me at time since the pixel 3a and 3a Excel actually added one back. So, I would love to see that but I don’t really hold my breath for that and it’s not a huge deal but it may be for some the next thing of course is no IP rating and while I’m not really sold on the whole IP rating thing I think it’s helpful but since manufacturers don’t cover it anyway.

Certification Oneplus 7 pro

If it’s damage in water even. If their seals don’t hold it’s not a huge deal to me but oneplus 7 pro has said they’ve basically done what’s required of an ip68 certification without getting it certified. So, that it saves us money I’m not really willing to test that but it seems like it holds up well in some other test under water. So, I think you’ll be fine for the most part I wouldn’t take it swimming or anything like that but getting some water on it should be okay now.

I have two more bad things and they’re really minor quite honestly one of them is no visual voicemail for free this is a t-mobile version of the phone. So, you actually have to pay for their visual you can try it out when it comes to the actual om version of this it may be different the other thing has to do with updates this is the t-mobile version and this will not be true. You have the OEM version or the one you order from their website.

DC Dimming

Go down here and go to system update there’s only the April update but this does not have things like DC dimming to help with the display. If it bothers your eyes like it does for me. And it also does not have some of the other features that come with the OEM version.

So, that is the actual updates come later these this update didn’t come until yesterday. And it still doesn’t have all the features I was looking forward to. So, there’s that otherwise though this is a great phone it is incredibly fast you can see here’s Chrome.


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