LG G8 Unboxing And Setup Full

LG G8 Unboxing

LG G8 ThinQ this is LG’s flagship for this year and I picked one up to check out and they come in at about 650 to 850 dollars depending on the carrier you get them on.

So, let’s go ahead and cut this open and unbox it and let’s see here oh like this and I think that’s it we should be good. So, let’s take this out of the box here and the first thing that’s kind of interesting is a little microfiber cloth on top then we have the phone itself and this is a black color it does come in a silver and a red as well we’ll set this aside under here we have a free second year warranty it looks like if you register the device in this box here let’s see what we get it’s a little bit thick.

It comes with a free case which is always nice it’s a little clear plastic TPU case and then we’ve got some literature along with a SIM card removal tool here and you’ve got a LG G8 Quick Start guide and product safety and warranty information then in the box below we have our wall adapter AC wall adapter it says fast charge and this one is it looks like it’s about 9 volts and 1.8 amps or.


Then we have a USB to USBC cable that’s included and then also let’s see what we here in this little box we have some earbuds as well. So, those are included and it looks like it has a headphone jack on the front of the phone it says air motion hand ID crystal sound OLED and Google assistant button with the qualcomm snapdragon see if we open this up here we’ll take the IMEI sticker off the back and the phone itself is not very exciting looking in fact it’s pretty plain but that’s not a bad thing it’s not flashy but if it’s high quality it doesn’t really matter on the back the cameras are flush.

Fingerprint Reader

You’ll see we have a fingerprint reader on the back as well on the right hand side we have our power sleep/wake button we also have a SIM card slot and inside the SIM card slot let’s take a look here it’s kind of elongated one but we have room for a micro SD along with our SIM cards.

That’s really nice and on the bottom we have a speaker we also have USB see we have a microphone a headphone jack and then on the other side we have our Google assistant button volume up and down it looks like another microphone up here as well and then on the top we have another microphone.

Notch and a forward facing camera

Quite a few of them and then on the front there is a little bit of a notch and a forward facing camera let’s run down the specs real quick and then we’ll boot it up and set it up.

Take a quick look at it the display of the LG G8 is a 6.1 inch AMOLED display. It’s 31 20 by 1440 with 564 pixels per inch internally it has a snapdragon 855 with 6 gigabytes of RAM along with 128 gigabytes of storage that’s expandable as Shawn before it also has a nice audio DAC it has the boombox speaker on the bottom and then also has a 3500 milliamp hour battery with quick charge 3.0.

Charge Pretty

It should charge pretty quickly it also has what LG calls hand ID. So, you can unlock it without touching it using air motion to control it it also has a front depth sensor along with that 8 megapixel camera with an F 1.7 aperture now for the rear camera it has a 12 megapixel F 1.5 aperture lens and then also it has a wide-angle 16 megapixel of f 1.9 aperture lens it has larger pixels for better low-light records in 4k 60p and also HDR 10 now let’s go ahead and boot this up turn it on here we go it vibrated a little bit there we go it says welcome we’ll hit the next button then it says insert a SIM card.

Transfer Data

I’ll skip that for now do that a little bit later it says your phone’s not connected to the internet I’ll connect it to Wi-Fi here now it does have some updates to do. So, apparently I’ll have to install the updates first and now it’s asking if I want to transfer data from something else I’ll just hit next for now and we can hit don’t copy for now I can set that up a little bit later if I want to anyway now I can add my fingerprint so I’ll add my fingerprint I’ll set up a pin here super secure one two three four of course I wouldn’t normally use that and it says place your finger on the fingerprint reader.

Right Finger: LG G8

I’ll use this here my right finger here my right hand registers pretty quickly okay that was pretty quick. So, a lot of optional agreements here for privacy and things like that I want to greet to any of those now it’s saying do I want to set up from an old device.

It will put later and this display looks pretty good the bezels are a little bit thicker than I would have expected but the display itself looks good from different angles so it doesn’t look too different from stock Android if we swipe to the right though this is where all of the apps are these are pre-installed apps. So, most of them look like they’re stock apps except things like LG health we’ve got all our google apps here management and recommend we take a quick look at the settings there’s quite a lot of different options in here compared to stock.

Floating Bar And Smart Cleaning

Android there’s floating bar and smart cleaning these are all extensions gaming context awareness and then you can use two separate apps at the same time or two separate accounts for an app by installing a copy of that app. So, it’s got some interesting things in extensions now under the bio-metric settings we have hand ID I can unlock the phone with my hand. So, we’ll hit next put in my pin here and it says position your hand six to eight inches away so let’s go ahead and set that up very slippery phone by the way.

Unlock Phone: LG G8

We’ll hit start put my hand over this and it’s saying bring it down until the yellow circles there and then slowly lower it there we go you successfully successfully scanned your hand okay slowly raise your hand okay now it says I can unlock my phone with my hand see if I can do that I’ll just put my hand over it there we go it’s unlocked. So, that’s kind of interesting I don’t know if I would use that too much but it’s there if I want to let’s take a look at the camera and it’s talking about camera modes and location. So, as you can see here we have AI cam and manual let’s see we’ve got ultra wide.

Background Monitor: LG G8

If you can see that in the background there’s my monitor and some memory cards and things that’s normal that’s ultra wide. So, in the background you can see there’s the 10s Max and the s10 plus here’s normal kind of zoomed in there’s wide.

That’s really nice let’s take a quick picture that was really nice and fast and looks like it focus on the iPhone it’s pretty good the light is not sunlight but it’s pretty good let’s go back into here we’ll flip the camera around and you can see it finds my face right away and then of course we have portrait modes and things like that built-in it also has a depth sensor so it should do real-time bokeh effects.

Swipe back and Video Control

If we swipe back here and then we can do video depth control as well. So, if we go into video we can do video depth if we want to do that I’m not going to do that right now but people that have tried this before me have found that it doesn’t work terribly well but it seems like it’s got some nice options as well for k60 like I said before HDR as well we’ll go into video and there’s all your video options. 


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